In 2014 my husband and I first traveled to Iceland and something WEIRD happened.

We FELL IN LOVE with Iceland.

But not just a, “oh this place is so beautiful” kind of love.

More like an “omg this place is amazing in every way, we should MOVE to Iceland!” kind of love.

We took 10 days to drive around which is the road that circles the whole tree and we have every single day full of beautiful sites to see. About halfway through our trip in a little town called Husavík we realize that we were just falling in love with this amazing country.

All of a sudden my husband said “why don’t we just move here?” and I said “I could definitely do that!”

And the rest is history.

Iceland honeymoon | Life With a View

So we found jobs, sold everything we owned, packed a couple suitcases, and bought a one-way ticket.

Two years later and it’s still hands down the best decision we’ve ever made!

Living in Iceland has been an absolute dream come true!

My passion for exploring and weekend road trips helped me discover places in Iceland that some locals have never been to! From secret waterfalls to hidden hot springs…this country is full of gems!

But I remember when I was planning my first trip, it was so difficult to find good quality information about Iceland.

Where are the best spots to go? What should I pack? What is the weather like? I had to search all around the Internet to try to discover first to these questions, but I still felt so lost! Does that sound familiar?

I felt like there had to be an easier way.

And that’s why I started this blog: to be a one-stop resource for future travelers. To put everything in ONE place. To help YOU discover all of the amazing places that Iceland has to offer. And to help you plan the best trip ever!

Living in Iceland allows me to explore around the country. Most weekends you’ll find me taking a road trip on my camera. Always in search of new hidden gems, waterfalls, and hot springs that tourists don’t know about.

So after multiple trips around the Ring Road, Golden Circle, South Iceland, Westfjords, Snæfellsness, and into the Highlands…I’ve developed a system to help make trip planning EASY.

My very own one of a kind planning service – Iceland Virtual Tour Guide.


Iceland Virtual Tour Guide is a collection of plans and guides to help you plan your best Iceland trip EVER! | Life With a View

Iceland Virtual Tour Guide is a collection of plans and guides to help you plan your best Iceland trip ever – it’s like having me in your back seat, guiding you through Iceland, without actually being there!

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Choose between a Drive it Yourself Guidebook, Itinerary Review, or a Custom Itinerary.

There’s something for everyone!

When planning a trip to Iceland, there’s a LOT of moving pieces. The amount of things to consider is overwhelming. Here are some questions I get every day:

…”how to fit in everything we want to do in the time we have.”

…”finding an itinerary or guide for driving South Iceland by ourselves.”

…”deciding on an itinerary and what towns to stay in.”

These are all VERY real concerns and trust me – I’ve been there myself!

The best part about this system is it’s already been tested by other Iceland travelers!

Iceland Virtual Tour Guide is a collection of plans and guides to help you plan your best Iceland trip EVER! | Life With a View

Iceland Virtual Tour Guide is a collection of plans and guides to help you plan your best Iceland trip EVER! | Life With a View

Instead of having to research multiple websites, spending hours on research, and searching for answers, Iceland Virtual Tour Guide is the ONE place you can find everything you need.

There’s nothing else out there like this – personalized Iceland trips with tips from a LOCAL!

I’m BEYOND excited to finally be able to offer this to you! It’s literally been one YEAR in the making – lots of caffeine long working hours! But it’s worth it to be able to help you MORE than ever before.

It took me three years of traveling around Iceland to learn all these tips, but you don’t have to wait that long.

I can’t wait to HELP you plan your best trip ever with Iceland Virtual Tour Guide!!

Shop the store: Iceland Virtual Tour Guide | Life With a View

Question: Are you a DIY traveler, or do you like to have help planning trips?





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  • Lyssie
    April 9, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    Wow, I’m so impressed. My first trip to Iceland, I had exactly the same reaction…it was more than “it’s so beautiful here.” It was like, “I could see myself living here.” My boyfriend thought I was crazy but I’m glad to hear you guys actually did it…I’m not crazy! How incredible to live in such a magical wonderland and in extremely jealous. With Wow Airlines being so cheap now, I’m booking flights to Iceland left and right. I’m headed back in June and can’t wait!! I’m bringing my sister and her boyfriend and they’re first-timers…can’t wait to show them my new obsession!!!

  • Rosie
    April 7, 2017 at 9:03 am

    That is such a good idea, Jeannie. I can’t remember if I found your blog before I booked my trip to Iceland or afterwards but I found it so invaluable when trying to decide what we should do. We went in the winter and weren’t brave enough to hire a car but I have seen so many stunning places on your blog that I would love to go back in the summer, camp and do the whole ring road. TV and photos do not do the raw beauty of Iceland justice at all.

    We did a walking tour around Reykjavik with a local and at the end of the tour she spent some time telling us about what it was like to live in Iceland, and it sounds idyllic to me. I couldn’t believe that she said university was free and you could get as many degrees as you wanted. That sounds like the perfect place to me! I felt like it was such a welcoming and liberal place free of all the hatred I’m fed up of reading about in the news.

    I completely understand what you mean about falling in love with a place. I do fall in love with places a lot, but when we went to Canada last year it instantly felt like a home away from home and we are hoping to move out there in a couple of years.

    • Jeannie
      April 24, 2017 at 7:44 am

      Aww thank you Rosie! I’m so glad the blog was helpful for you.
      Living in Iceland really is a dream for a lot of reasons! Higher taxes really pays off when it comes to things like school, maintenance, and safety. The nice thing about the world is it’s possible to move to where your heart loves it 😉