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Hello friends, happy Monday!

Today I’m off exploring the beautiful country of Georgia. If you’ve been following along on Insta-stories, you know that our time in the capital city, Tbilisi has been amazing so far! Tomorrow we get our first taste of nature as we head out to the wine region of Kakheti.

FUN FACT: did you know that wine originated in Georgia?! I would have thought Italy or France, but it’s true – Georgia is the birthplace of wine! Trust me, I am not mad about this fact, and intend to experience this culture to it’s fullest!

So while we’re spending the day wine tasting, I want to introduce you to my dear friend Jennie.

Like most modern friendships(?!), I met Jennie on Instagram. I remember that she commented on one of my earliest photos of Iceland, and when I wrote back, a natural conversation struck up. It wasn’t long until I realized this woman has a serious love for Iceland! And while we definitely had THAT in common, I also fell in love with her gorgeous photos.

Since “meeting” Jennie two years ago, I’ve seen her come and go from her home in Sweden to visit Iceland multiple times! I’m telling you, this woman LOVES Iceland!

I’m excited for you all to meet Jennie, and to hopefully get some Iceland wanderlust from her passion for this beautiful country.

Take it away, Jennie!

How many times have you been to Iceland?

Oh wow, you’re going to think I’m crazy now……..but I’ve just been on my 9th trip to Iceland (since 2014)!

What is it about Iceland that keeps you coming back?

Without a doubt; the nature. The first time I arrived at Keflavik, I turned out of the parking lot with my rental car and immediately fell in love! Not that it’s exceptionally beautiful right there, but you still get a flavor for what’s to come and it suited me perfectly! Raw, changing and challenging nature – perfect!!

Where is your favorite place you’ve been so far?

Just one?!! So difficult to choose………….I absolutely love the Westfjords, East fjords (Seydisfjördur, Faskrudsfjördur) (soooorrry, I could not leave any one out!!)!!

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Do you have anything left on your Iceland bucket list?

Absolutely, many places and experiences!! I want to hike in the highlands and also visit Westman Islands, Siglufjördur and Borgarfjördur Eystri (just to mention a few!). I will never run out of places to visit here 🙂

What is your favorite thing about Iceland?

I’ve traveled quite a lot but there is nowhere else where the nature gives me so many experiences, the wow factor is amazing! It’s the best way to fill up on serotonin.

What do you NOT like about Iceland?

There’s not enough parking spots by the roads. The scenery is stunning in most places and who doesn’t want to stop and enjoy the view!!! So come on Iceland, add parking spots to your roads!!

Any tips for future travelers researching Iceland?

I love scanning pictures on Instagram, read the Iceland monitor (daily) and there’s soooo much useful information in the Facebook group “Iceland travel team” or Jeannie’s blog!!!

Rapid fire round!

Favorite waterfall: The one that I’m alone at 😉 (There are thousands of beautiful waterfalls on the island!!)
Favorite day trip from Reykjavik: Borgarnes and Husafell
Favorite town: Seydisfjördur
Favorite hot pot: Heydalur
Favorite region of Iceland: It’s a tie between Westfjords/East fjords

Where can people find you?

Instagram! That’s where you’ll find all of my photos and stories about Iceland.


Any questions for Jennie? Leave em in the comments below!



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  • Amanda
    June 16, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    Lovely! I’m also Iceland-obsessed, but I’ve only been there once! I know I’ll be back again someday, though. I think about Iceland all the time and sometimes even though I live in Seattle, Washington, whenever I travel somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and see bits of bright green and dark gray, I remember Iceland and my heart aches! It’s just so beautiful there. <3